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Hamdullah Hakan Hocaoglu (Cameraman)

Hakan, who is one of the top-notch cameramen in Turkey, could be described as the eyes and ears of the Pusula Team. He has taken place in numerous projects during his twelve- year professional career. After working as a professional cameraman in the Can Agency, Söz TV and Olay TV, Hakan joined the Pusula team in 1997. Since then, along with the Pusula Team, Hocaoğlu observed many critical international affairs, such as the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, through the eyes of his camera. He is now teaching camera classes at Kadir Has University.

Parug Demircioglu (Informatics Expert)

Parug is the informatics expert of Pusula Team. Having a degree in the Department of Computer Engineering in Kadir Has University. He is the one who shapes the soul of new ideas and extraordinary solution suggestions for our website .

Aysen Rana Kumlali (General Coordinator)

Aysen is originally from banking profession. She retired from Garanti Bank in 2001. Since then she’s been working with Pusula as General Coordinator. Aysen who is considered as the right hand of Pusula in the sense of corperation, is still carrying on this task successfully.

Ismail Hakki Polat (Expert)

He is the first in the known intellectuals of the sector on mobile technology and new media Ismail Bey who worked for the foremost companies of technology sector such as Siemens, Ericsson, Turkcell, has started to teach classes in Kadir Has University. It is announced to the ones who wants to enlarge his horizon in technology.

Ozer Bereket (Executive Producer)

Ozer who was born in Ankara in 1972 , graduated from University of Ankara, Faculty of Political Science, Department of International Relations. Some of his credits in chronological order are;
1994-1995: TV News Reporter at 32nd Day News Programme
1995- 1997: TV Reporter and Editor at Pusula (Compass) News Programme
1997: Producer of the documentary about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk-“Devrimci’nin Guncesi”
1997- 1998: Producer of several demonstration and informative films for leading companies in Turkey like Philips, Garanti Bank, Eczacibasi Holding, Intema, and for civil organizations like AIESEC, ACEV, LIONS...
1998-1999: Executive producer of a children programme serial called “Yazz Vakti”.
1999- 2001: Producer, scriptwriter, editor of Pusula (Compass) News Programme
2000: Producer and script writer and editor of a documentary called “Zeugma: Sunken History”
2001: Producer, script writer of a documentary called “Two villages of Greek-Turkish Population Exchange”
2002: Producer, reporter and scriptwriter of a two episode documentary called, “Bin Ladin, El-Kaide and Islam” which was prepared in Egypt and Jordan.
2002: Producer and co-script writer of documentary called: “Hittites: The Curse of Anitta” Ozer is currently teaching ‘documentary film’ and ‘film production’ at Kadir Has University in Istanbul.

Mithat Bereket (President / Executive Producer)

Mithat Bereket was born in Ankara, Turkey, on 10 October 1966. After, Ankara College (high school), he graduated from the University of Ankara, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations. He played basketball professionally both at College Basketball Team and then later at Turkish National Team. He got his M.A. from the Lancaster University, Department of International Relations, in England. His masters dissertation was on “Cyprus”. He is still a PhD. Student in the same university making a research on “Fundamentalist Islam”. He has been working as a reporter for 15 years and preparing his own television news programme, PUSULA (Compass) since 1995. He is the producer and the narrator of this programme. He also has been preparing a morning news show at Best FM, a national radio on every week day from 08:30-10:00, drive time. Mr. Bereket had also taken part in the coverage of some big events by the NTV as the main “anchorman”. These events include, President Bill Clintons visit to Turkey (live for 9 hours), the OSCE Summit in Istanbul (2 days live for 10 hours), the Helsinki Summit of the European Union (live for 8 hours), the General Elections in Greece (live), the Elections in Cyprus (live) the U.S. elections (live for 11 hours) and The World Trade Center Attacks in New York. Mithat Bereket, as a roving reporter and war correspondent, travels intensively around the world for the main news stories. He had followed the Gulf War, War in Bosnia, Afghan War, the tensions in Algiers, and in Karabag, the War in Chechnya, Palestinian Intifada and the NATO Operation in Kosovo, etc.…

He had been in several countries in the world and held several exclusive interviews with leaders, politicians, governors, or people who are in the news. Such as, Nelson Mandela, Benazir Butto, Muammer El Kaddafi, Yasser Arafat, B.Bouthros Gali, Teslima Nesrin, Tadeuzs Mazowiecki, Mesut Barzani, Celal Talabani, Yitzak Rabin, Simon Peres, Benjamen Netanyahu, Frederick De Klerk, Antonio Di Pietro, Shamil Basayev, Ibrahim Rugova, Mikhail Kalashnikov, JÖrg Haider, Bill Clinton etc…

Until today, Mithat Bereket attended several road shows at many universities and high scholls in every part of the country and made speeches mainly on foreign policy and daily politics. He is still teaching ‘media and politics’ at KadirHas University.

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